Tuesday, November 8, 2016

College Student Motivation: What Is Incorrect With Education?

Working as a teacher for the past 10 years, as a teacher, counselor and school psychologist a major interest of mine has always been student inspiration. I have had the possibility to have worked with students from the pre-Kindergarten to twelfth grade level in school systems in Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut. I have recently been in inner city, poverty-stricken districts and affluent areas. Which means I've seen students with significant social-economic disadvantages succeed, and ones that had "everything" heading for them fail.

In person, I fit into the first category. My parents divorced after i was 2 years old, my mother was a waitress that never finished High School and my stepfather who elevated me (after age 7) never went to Great School. My older close friend quit school in the 10th grade. No person in my family attended school so I had very little family influence to pursue any academic goals. I remember since a child my stepfather informing me to get "C's" at school. "C's are good, " he'd say. Perhaps, because he never even achieved that when having been in college. Of course, this was after i was repeating the first grade so he was hoping to get me to do better at that time. I complicated through grammar school and do not believe My spouse and i began to get any profession interests until Middle College. There I started out taking an interest in scientific research. It was exciting times in science and technology in the late sixties with the moon shoring, Star Trek on TELEVISION SET, and Jacques Cousteau discovering the ocean and We were caught up in it.

Nevertheless , I still had no clue on what it would take to succeed at something in life. Fortunately, Large School sports changed that. I had a junior football coach that did not accept excuses, and little by little it started out to kitchen sink in that if you were to get everywhere in life could onlu apply effort. I also started to get the idea that another kids could go to college or university and have a good career, why couldn't We? I was just as good like them. I actually started out applying effort to my academics as well and did visit a 4 year school after secondary school seeking my interest in technology.

As a teacher My spouse and i was always very aware of how my track record related to many of my students. With the students that struggled in school, those that had tendencies issues and applied little effort for their academics, my first question to them was always, "What do you want to do after high school? inch Unfortunately, almost all of these students had little idea of what they wanted to do. They had no realistic career ambition. Sure a lot of students up to 9th or 10th grade would say they want to have professional sports for a job, but again few acquired any idea of what that would require. That they were clueless to the fact that best players are recruited out of good colleges and that passing their classes is a requirement in high school to become on a school team.

I've discovered that the key to student motivation is a career goal. A circumstance I witness that exemplified this was a scholar I had formed in middle and senior high school. "Julie" was a severely behaviorally disoriented scholar up through the 8th grade. She'd be noncompliant with teacher requests, would be augmentative on a regular basis and swear at teachers and staff in almost all of her interactions. Nevertheless , in the 9th grade a light went off within her. She decided she wished to be a vet and started to take school seriously. Her tendencies problems disappeared and the girl went from a D-F student in a special education class for an A-B student in a popular class, all because the girl now had a goal in life!

Unfortunately, many students learn this much later in life. They may be ten years out of high school, perhaps not having a high institution diploma and they won't be able to stand their hourly paid position in a fast food restaurant or full store. The most common statement I use heard from "drop-out" alumni is, "I wish I had done better in school. very well Or, "I wish I actually had taken school significantly. " I possess never read, "I am proud that I failed at college. "

So, what is wrong with education? We all are not motivating our students or providing them with enough realistic job choices.

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