Monday, October 10, 2016

What About College? Do Your Children Need The College Education?

It is not all student is going to go to a four-year college, or, should. Virtually all four-year college or university graduates today do not find operate their dominant and have huge college or university debts to pay after graduation. I obviously believe that in education, as We became a teacher and psychologist, however, my experience in inner city institutions has taught me that 90 percent of the students do not go near or finish a four-year degree. Yet, 80 percent of the high school curriculum and emphasis is ongoing to a four-year college! This creates a huge educational detachment among many students that increases behavior problems and lack of student inspiration. Sure, if we regularly work with student's self-esteem issues and expose them to a number of professional career role-models that may raise the likelihood of them going to a four-year college. Even so again that will not work for almost all internal city children as they may have too much negative peer and family pressures surrounding them.

My spouse and i believe education needs to be about offering alternatives to students based on where they are really. Students do need to have reasonable career options after secondary school. For the students that find learning difficult, that can be determined before middle school, more emphasis should be put on vocational options. Middle and high school programs should offer vocational career direct exposure in addition to their mainstream academics. Career education has to be emphasized at all grade levels (Kindergarten on up) letting students really know what it requires and the difference in being (for example) a carpenter, designer, architect or engineer. Just about all of our public high schools are failing as they are not meeting student's needs. Public high schools, specifically in urban districts, need to be vocational centers, teaching students real-world skills that can lead those to careers that will give them higher standards of living. I have 3 brothers that never gone to college. The first is a carpenter, one is a plumber, and one is a police officer, all have nearly as good a standard of living? nternet site do with my M. S., two masters and PH. D degrees.

Depending after the school area, high schools should still offer college or university prep programs, for the top ten to twenty percent that are headed in that path. Nevertheless , I believe the charter schools are more equipped to get their students ready for 4 year college or university programs. They require parent involvement and continuing student performance in order to be in the college. In charter colleges students have to go their classes, be in class and not be behavior problems, or they are really asked to leave. This is exactly why charter schools will always outperform public schools. I actually realize you will encounteer exceptions, Now i am aware of some exceptional high schools country wide, however, they often adopt a charter school mentality as a way to succeed.

Teachers at all levels need to continually speak about career options and what must be done to achieve them. I have had many high school students over time that had no idea that you had to venture to college or university to be certain profession, or what it takes to get into a four-year college. Generally they find out in their senior year and it's too late. We have a nephew, who has an above average IQ that refused to study in high institution. His grades reflected that decision. Reality hit him the end of his senior year when this individual couldn't get into the school he wanted.

Educators can have a huge impact on student determination in so many ways! They naturally, can be excellent role-models in education, teach and encourage students in career education, nonetheless they can, and often provide students with a positive and caring adult in their student's life. Once a teacher conveys the attitude that they proper care about their students and where they are heading anytime they can help students become motivated to succeed. Within my crisis involvement trainings with school personnel I always ended with my favorite quote:

"Students don't care how much you know; until they understand how much you treatment!

My second profession involvement in life was in psychology because of my 11th grade psychology instructor. In many ways an optimistic and caring teacher can have more impact on a student's success than a parent.

Precisely what is wrong with education? Through this country is our public educational system appointment the needs of the majority of the students? Or, is it allowing 80% of our students down by not inspiring them to pursue some form of postsecondary education and training because of antiquated notions that all students require to a four-year college? In order to make education practical today it needs to motivate students and help them get a job that they are enthusiastic about and fitted to. This is how we can motivate our children and create a skilled workforce at all levels. This is the way we inspire students and alter education!

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